We focus on education, employment and social issues. We believe that a continuous effort towards the optimisation of systems in education, labour market and social sector improves the quality of our lives. Therefore, we aim to improve the functioning of public affairs for everyone, with a special focus on vulnerable groups.

Who are our clients?

We assist our clients from the public, private and non-profit sectors in making strategic decisions based on verified facts and quality analysis. We support them in the preparation and implementation of effective projects and evaluate their outcomes and impact on the target groups.

As consultants and project managers, we work in the European Union countries as well as in the third countries, especially in the Middle East, Central Asia, Ukraine, Russia and the Balkans.

Since 2O16, ERUDIO has been a member of the prestigious European Network for Social and Economic Research (ENSR). As a result, we have a partner company in every European Union country as well as a joint secretariat in Brussels.


Programme and project evaluation

Sound knowledge of evaluation techniques

Reliable findings and useful recommendations

Studies, analyses

A broad range of human capital development topics

Deep contextual knowledge and thorough analysis

Evidence-based findings and conclusions

Grant consultancy

Realistic assessment of prospects of success

Grant application development

Project implementation consultancy