About us

ERUDIO is a renowned Slovak consultancy company established in 2OO3. We strive to contribute to the effective development and implementation of public policies and human capital development projects.

Our values


Education, inclusion and employment are at the core of our expertise. We have an excellent understanding of evaluation, social research, project management and participative programming methods and techniques. Continuous training and self-improvement of our employees are important for us.

Professional attitude

Friendly, open and constructive communication is the basis of our work. We keep our commitments and build relationships based on mutual trust.  


We care deeply about the quality of our work. All reports and written outputs are subject to a thorough quality assurance process. We adhere to agreed deadlines.


We work for global actors such as the United Nations and the European Union, for national and regional governments as well as local organisations. We appreciate every opportunity to contribute to improving life for everyone.


We cooperate with individuals and companies from a variety of countries. We effectively connect internal staff with top external experts into flexible teams that provide optimal solutions to our clients.

Intercultural competences

Thanks to an excellent command of world languages, we work with clients and experts from diverse cultures. We respect each other and enrich our understanding of the world.


The quality of our work derives from a balance between the competencies and efforts of our employees and is multiplied by synergies among them. Harmonic environment and relations in the workplace are therefore our key priority.

Worldwide experience

Approximately half of our services are delivered to clients outside Slovakia. We have extensive professional experience with the European Union countries as well as countries such as Jordan, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. If possible, we strive to transfer knowledge and experience across countries and continents.